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    ‘Star Wars’ Actress Rosario Dawson Opens Up About Playing Ahsoka

    Rosario Dawson spoke about her dream role in “Star Wars” and said she hopes to play Ahsoka Tano indefinitely. She was featured in a Vanity Fair interview as a part of their wall-to-wall coverage of the franchise.

    Dawson said, “As long as they want me, and as long as it’s possible, I’m in it.” ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka‘ is coming to Disney+ and fans all across the globe are excited to watch it.

    Rosario Dawson As Ahsoka Enters The Star Wars Realm

    Star Wars cast Vanity Fair Interview
    Star Wars cast Vanity Fair Interview

    The modern additions to the Star Wars shouldn’t concern the fans as the crew mentioned that they aren’t any bigger standouts than the former Jedi. Disney+ has made this a reality. Now, we are looking forward to when Lucas will bring her into the realm of live-action.

    Dawson’s character, Ahsoka, made her grand debut in an episode of ‘The Mandalorian‘. This series has taken a while to reach the audience.

    She talked about her entry into Star Wars. “I get to be a part of a universe, and a team, and a world in which even as I age I might still be able to participate. That’s huge. You know what I mean? To have that longevity with something, in my industry, that’s not particularly heard of. It makes me feel so grateful,” she said.

    The actress also talked about Hollywood’s treatment of women. “Honestly, as an actor in my 40s, I figured I’d be sent out to pasture by now,” she said. But for many, ‘Star Wars‘ is forever. “I’m not going to say I take it for granted. Like, oh, I’m good for the rest of my life. But there’s a sense of peace that I feel,” she added.

    Star Wars Mastermind Talks About Ahsoka

    Dave Filoni & Rosario Dawson
    Dave Filoni & Rosario Dawson

    The guru of Star Wars, Dave Filoni, was asked about the tone and format of the series. He was also kind enough to answer a lot of questions asked by fans.

    Ahsoka is a continuous story,” Filoni stated in a recent interview. “It is definitely driving toward a goal, in my mind, as opposed to being little singular adventures. That’s what I want the character to be doing, and I think that’s what fans want now. They have such a relationship with her. I’ve only recently started to understand that all those kids that watched Clone Wars are now a lot older—they’re very excited about all the things they grew up with, as they should be,” he concluded.

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