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    “Death Of The Pen”: Hollywood Studios Are Experimenting With AI Scriptwriters Amid Writers’ Strike

    The Hollywood writers’ strike has gained a lot of popularity recently. The ongoing strike has raised a lot of questions about the future of movies and series.

    Adding to the fire is artificial intelligence. Although it is a good thing that science and technology have advanced so much, artificial intelligence has posed severe complications in several fields. Let’s take a look at all the details right here.

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    Can Artificial Intelligence Write Movie Scripts?

    ChatGPT has been in the news a lot because of the ability of the AI platform to write almost human-like stories. And now there might be a chance that all the amazing stories we see on-screen may be written by AI.

    With the ongoing Hollywood writer’s strike, producers are turning to AI and experimenting whether movie stories can be created by AI or not. Right now, artificial intelligence chatbots writing a whole movie or TV series scripts is out of the question. But with just a few prompt words, chatbots can come up with a rough outline of a script easily. And then writers would be hired to make the script complete. Now the problem is that writers will be hired at much lower pay. 

    Not only this, artificial intelligence can be programmed to write whole scripts with time too. This would mean that movie and TV series writers would be out of jobs soon. 

    AI has already infiltrated the movie-making industry. It has been used to reverse an actor’s age, in post-production editing, for viewer recommendation and even to recreate Anthony Bourdain and Andy Warhol’s voices. In this situation, Michael Winship, president of the WGA East who is a writer himself says, “We’re not totally against AI. There are ways it can be useful. But too many people are using it against us and using it to create mediocrity. They’re also in violation of copyright. They’re also plagiarizing.”

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    What Is The Hollywood Writers’ Strike About?

    Writers strike will affect content across the mediums
    Writers’ strike will affect content across the mediums

    The Hollywood writers’ strike started because the writers demanded fair pay. But things are much more complicated. With the recent rise in streaming, new contracts are made between streamers and the Guild. And according to these, the pay grade has decreased considerably. 

    Not only this, now an additional danger of artificial intelligence has been added to the agenda. Concerns about writers losing their jobs, plagiarism and several other legal issues have also cropped up. Now, the Writers Guild also wants more strict rules on applying AI to movies. 

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