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    ‘The Flash’: Ezra Miller-Starrer DCU Film Off To A Stumbling Start With A Modest $55 Million Box Office Collection

    Are Ezra Miller‘s crimes catching up to him? The recent collection of ‘The Flash’ proves this to be the case. Touted by James Gunn as the “greatest superhero movie,” the film is headed to being DC’s greatest crash and burn. The Scarlet Speedster’s solo film is not off to a flying start as people can’t decide what they hate more – the dreadful CGI or the presence of Ezra Miller?

    But it is only the beginning of the nightmare for ‘The Flash.’ It will go toe to toe on the upcoming weekends with giant blockbusters like ‘Mission: Impossible– Dead Reckoning Part 1,‘Oppenheimer,’ and ‘Barbie.’ It’s yet to be seen if the film’s underperformance will get the planned sequel canceled.

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    ‘The Flash’ Disappoints With Its $55 Million Opening Collection 

    'The Flash' is headed towards being a box office bomb
    ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller is headed towards being a box office bomb

    Things aren’t looking bright for Ezra Miller– starrer ‘The Flash.’ With a measly opening of $55 million at the box office, Scarlet Speedster’s solo film debut hasn’t hit the ground running as expected. Made for a budget of $220 million, it doesn’t look like the film will bring back the desired dividends to DC Studios. 

    ‘The Flash’ joins ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam: Fury Of The Gods’ in the list of recent DCU misfires. Be it Marvel or DC, people have lost interest in superhero films with generic storytelling and the bombardment of CGI. Besides, the general discourse around Ezra Miller is hurting the film’s marketability.

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    ‘The Flash’ Is Getting Slammed By The Fans For Its Terrible CGI

    People are booing ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller for its laughable CGI effects

    Thanks to its poor CGI, ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller, has become the butt of jokes. Despite its massive budget, the audience has complained about the god-awful CGI in the film. Many took to social media to post about the movie, comparing the effects to Dwayne Johnson’s ‘The Scorpion King.’ Johnson, coincidentally, is in ‘Black Adam,’ another film criticized for its dated CGI.

    ‘The Flash’ director Andy Muschietti is defending the film’s spotty CGI. He told Collider, “The idea, of course, is… we are in the perspective of the Flash. Everything is distorted in terms of lights and textures. We enter this ‘waterworld’ which is basically being in Barry’s POV. It was part of the design so if it looks a little weird to you that was intended.”

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