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The Walking Dead: Margot Bingham Addresses Max Eugene And Stephanie Spin

Please note: This post includes spoilers for The Walking Dead episode “The Lucky Ones” broadcast on Sunday.

The Walking Dead ultimately reveals Stephanie‘s actual identity. But not in the most straightforward manner possible. Stephanie’s journey on The Walking Dead began in the season 9 cliffhanger. After her voice reverberated through Eugene‘s improvised radio system for the first time.

Eugene and Stephanie decided to meet as ambassadors of Alexandria and the Commonwealth, respectively, after establishing a post-apocalyptic long-distance romance. Stephanie did not show up for their first date, despite Eugene bringing along a few buddies. Instead, Eugene’s troop met a horde of Commonwealth soldiers who were not in the mood to share.

What Margot Bingham A.K.A Stephanie Had To Say

Margot Bingham In The Walking Dead
Margot Bingham In The Walking Dead

“My name is Max. Stephanie does not exist ” Max (Margot Bingham) recently revealed herself as the secret voice in Eugene’s (Josh McDermitt) radio. Eugene found his first-ever girlfriend was fictitious when he arrived there at Commonwealth to meet the lady, he fell in love with over the radio. The Steph-phony is actually Shira (Chelle Ramos), a clandestine intelligence operative for Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). Eugene meets Max in “The Lucky Ones,” the actual Stephanie he met over the airways back in Season 10.

In the Season 9 climax and then again in the Season 10 show “Bonds,”. Max confesses that she utilized abandoned radio pieces to speak out live on the air. Max contacts Eugene “Tater Bug” at the Hilltop using the identity “Stephanie” – her mom’s name — and the code name “Blue Weevil,” and the two scheduled a meeting in Charleston, West Virginia.

What Did Max Bingham Say Afterwards In The Interview

Margot Bingham In The Walking Dead
Margot Bingham In The Walking Dead

Hornsby and probed by Max’s brother, General Mercer (Michael James Shaw) intercept the message. Eugene and his crewmates Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and Queen (Paola Lazaro) get ambushed. They are captured at the rail yard by Mercer’s white-armored troops, who subsequently process them for admission into the Commonwealth.

When Bingham was asked, why did not Max warn Eugene about the Stephanie imposter earlier?

She replied, “Max, I believe, understands her place in the Commonwealth’s hierarchy and classism, and she is cautious in her actions. Because her family is also on the inside, she has a lot to win and a lot to lose. In an exclusive interview, Bingham said to ComicBook.

Margot Bingham posted a picture on Instagram saying “Won’t the real Stephanie please stand up” After that, she tagged “#twd”

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