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“The Wet Shirt Moment” Of Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton Season 2 Has Made Fans Rave About It On Social Media

Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2 makes fans go wild over the internet just because of the “The wet shirt moment!” Bridgerton season 2 is now available on Netflix.

In the fifth episode of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2- An Unthinkable Fate, things get spicy because of the actor Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton). The actor gets wet as he got immersed in the water and when he comes out of the lake, his white see-through shirt makes the scene jaw-dropping. As per fans, the 33-year-old actor resembled Colin Firth (as Mr. Darcy) who was the lead in the 1995 adaptation by BBC’s Pride and Prejudice. The 1813 novel is an inspiration for this Netflix series. After the airing of the episode, fans rushed to Twitter to share what they felt when they relived the iconic moment and how incredible the actor looked.

Fans React To The Iconic Scene

Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton Season 2
Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton Season 2

The Twiter gets full of savage reactions after the fifth episode of Bridgerton season 2. Fans share their reviews after watching the sizzling “The wet shirt moment.” One user wrote, “A wet Colin Firth for a new generation.”

Jonathan flaunted his incredible physique in the scene that made fans consider him as the successor of Colin Firth. Another user wrote, “Johnny [Bailey] has brought something to Bridgerton which Colin Firth could not bring as Mr. Darcy. Johnny is amazing.” One more user agreed to it and said, “Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy has nothing on Jonathan Bailey’s Viscount Bridgerton.” Read some more tweets below:

In this episode, Kate Sharma sends Anthony flying backward into the lake because of a puppy’s bark. More than 83 million viewers have watched season 1 of Bridgerton, and many have binge-watched its second installment already.

Fans kept on sharing their reviews about the episode and how iconic that scene was for them. One and wrote, “I see Viscount Bridgerton got the Colin Firth Memo and I am thanking the universe.” While another said, “Oh Bridgerton when I saw that white shirt clinging to Anthony’s chest. I know you were footnoting Colin Firth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

One more added, “screaming over the Colin Firth wet shirt moment.”

Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton

Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton Season 2
Jonathan Bailey In Bridgerton Season 2

33-year-old, actor, Jonathan Bailey, plays the role of Anthony Bridgerton. He becomes the focus character in the second series of the show. The actor as per sources felt the pressure to enact the character and keep viewers satisfied with the performance.

He said, “stepping into the shoes Phoebe Dynevor and Rege-Jean Page wore, and led with so gracefully last season, has taught me a lot. This season has kept me on my toes. I got really fit, I made sure to eat well and get loads of sleep. And everything else just seemed to fall into place.”

Additionally, Bailey said, “Kate and Anthony are drawn together like magnets. There is this animal primitivism and a wild attraction. She is this incredible sort of mythical creature to him.”

Everything We Know About Bridgerton Season 1 & 2

Bridgerton Season 1 & 2
Bridgerton Season 1 & 2

Anthony gets to know that Edwina is the one who is suggested for him by his parents. But at the same time, it happens that Anthony is also in a love triangle with Edwina and Kate, the Sharma sisters. And then on other hand, it is also going on that Anthony is in love with Kate.

The trailer of the second season of Bridgerton comprises beautiful clothes and costumes like the first season. And the trailer came out where Lade Whistledown opens with the lines, “Dearest Gentle reader, did you miss me?” With the trailer, fans can look forward to much more romance, scandal, and intimate scenes.

The much-awaited images of the second season of Bridgerton came out in January. And in those images, fans were able to see Daphne Basset, which is played by Phoebe Dynevor. And Kate Sharma can also be seen joining the male characters for a shoot.

Also, Daphne is there in the second season, but his husband Duke of Hastings will not be appearing in the same. And the second season is all about Kate stopping the union of Edwina and Anthony when Anthony is finding a girl to be his wife so that he can uphold his family name. And the girl as discussed above is Edwina as per their parents.

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