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    UK Tabloid Columnist Faces Backlash For Criticizing Taylor Swift By Calling Her ‘Cringe, Unoriginal And Highly Overhyped’

    Taylor Swift is no stranger to criticism. Ever since she started her musical career, she has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism about her work, her lyricism, and her public image. This time, Kara Kennedy, a Daily Mail columnist, wrote an article voicing her personal opinions on the songstress, calling her ‘cringe, unoriginal and highly overhyped’.

    Swifties were quick to attack Kennedy on her cheeky article, which many found to be rather misogynistic and extremely hateful. Some individuals also said that Kennedy’s piece was hypocritical, pointing out that she has published good articles about other musicians who have been accused of the same things that she criticizes Swift for. Here’s what Kennedy wrote in her article and how Swifties reacted to it.

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    “She Is Unashamedly Cringe”: Kara Kennedy On Taylor Swift

    On 11 August 2023, a columnist from Daily Mail named Kara Kennedy went all out on her hatred and criticism for Taylor Swift and wrote an article that garnered the attention of Swifties everywhere. The columnist started the article by saying, “OK, I’m ready for the Swiftie slap back… Taylor is cringe, unoriginal and massively overhyped. When WILL the millions in this cult-like collective trance shake it off?

    She further continued to condemn Swift by calling her “inoffensive, largely sexless, unashamedly cringe” and calling the Swifties “the most vicious of fan groups, won’t think twice before sending you death threats, doxing your friends and family, or trying to hack your social media accounts.”

    Part of her article reads: “Taylor Swift is a wonderfully crafted marketing ploy. She is a character and she isn’t real. It’s genius, really — this undoubted, female, commercial success story worth a staggering $740 million and counting, and she’s never so much as had a stint in rehab or a prescription pill problem.”

    “Taylor was a teenager created for teenagers – and it worked. So much so that now she is thirty-three years old and still clearly engineered to appeal to high-on-sugar adolescents that are so dedicated to her that they would spend their monthly salary – or, rather, that of their parents – on a ticket to her shows,” she continued.

    She concluded the article by writing, “Until then, I will console myself by imagining her backstage, pulling off a perfect blonde wig to reveal a femme fatale bob as she flicks cigarette ash onto one of her cats and cackles about getting away with the whole grift.”

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    How Did Swifties React To The Piece Of Criticism?

    Known for their defensive nature and the lengths they would go to for Swift, they all bombarded Kennedy’s Twitter post with hateful comments and upsetting statements, calling her article ‘misogynistic’, and ‘ruthless’, and calling her out for writing the article as a PR stunt to gain ‘fifteen seconds of fame’

    Another user called her article ‘clickbait’.

    Another user called her out, saying that she wrote the article to get attention and engagement.

    Another Swiftie rightly said that there’s no need to like Taylor Swift, but atleast respect her.

    Another Swiftie pointed out the irony, saying how a colleague of Kennedy, also a columnist at Daily Mail went to the ‘Eras Tour’ and wrote a wonderful piece talking about Swift and her talents as an artist

    Another Swiftie responded with a Taylor Swift where she says “The worst kind of person is someone who makes you feel bad, dumb, or stupid for being excited about something.”

    She is even receiving death threats and hate emails as of now, which she has also posted on her Twitter- to which Swifties have responded by saying that she asked for it.

    Here’s the Daily Mail article: “Taylor is cringe, unoriginal and massively overhyped”- Kara Kennedy

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