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    Video: Virginia Councilwoman Lisa Lucas-Burke Uses Foul Language During Council Meeting

    Lisa Lucas-Burke, a member of the Portsmouth City Council, is reacting to criticism of the language she used at a tense council meeting earlier this week. Angel Jones was removed from her position as city manager by a 4-3 vote of the council on Tuesday night. One of the council members who was angered by Jones’ termination was Lucas-Burke.

    Lisa believes that Jones had something on some members. And that is why these members want to remove her. The councilwoman further went on to explain that she had been informed she owed an apology for the language she used at the meeting and that she regretted not expressing it sooner.

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    Lisa Lucas-Burke Wants Everyone To Support The Right Thing

    Well, the councilwoman, Lisa made it clear in her viral video that her fellow council members were wrong. They were completely wrong to fire Jones without a solid reason. She alleges they let Jones go because she had dirt on them that they didn’t want to be known about.

    “She got a lot on this council, and that’s why they want to get rid of her. And I hope that y’all [are] seeing what’s happening, and I hope you make your decision when November comes,” Lucas-Burke said after the vote Tuesday night. “I’m pissed that the [expletive]…. yeah, I’ma say it. I’m mad as a [expletive], I am. Because I know what’s been going on.”

    Lisa brutally took at her fellow council mates for their wrong doings.

    Despite the fact that Lisa raised a stir on Jones’ behalf, Jones remained composed during Lisa’s verbal fire. In fact, Lucas-Burke commented on the decision thereafter, claiming that the unjust termination would not deter Jones from fulfilling God’s plan.

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    On Whose Side Is The Mayor?

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    One of the four council members who voted in favor of Jones was Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover. The council, he said, is divided, according to News 3.

    “Let me be clear – Angel Jones did not deserve this treatment. It is totally out of order for four members of council to unilaterally make a decision about the future of our city manager without conferring with the other three members.”

    Glover Told News 3 Reporter Leondra Head.

    Vice Mayor De’Andre Barnes, on the other hand, justified his vote to remove Jones from her post by claiming that he had not done enough to combat crime in the city.

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