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Witcher 3: Henry Cavill Shares Glimpse Of The Reunion With His Roachy Horse On Instagram

Henry Cavill reunites with his Roach as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher season 3 is coming soon!


British star Henry Cavill, reunited as Geralt with his horse, Roach, and shares the latest training pictures of it on his official Instagram handle. The third installment of the Netflix series comes after its most-watched and most successful sequel based on a famous polish novel of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Geralt of Rivia, played by Cavill is a monster hunter, who gets into a jaw-dropping medieval world and throughout his journey, meets with witches, dragons, and fictitious creatures. In the previous season of The Witcher, Geralt unites with Princess Cirilla played by actress Freya Allan. Geralt guides Cirilla with a number of trials as she wants to become a Witcher.

Henry Cavill Reunites With Roach

Henry Cavill With Roach Horse in The Witcher
Henry Cavill With Roach Horse in The Witcher

In the sixth episode of the second season of The Witcher- Dear Friend, a flying mythical creature attacks Geralt and Ciri and because of this, the princess screams dynamically. The powerful scream helped the beast by releasing it from a magical Cintran monolith but it had a negative impact on Roach. The loyal companion of Geralt, Roach gets seriously tormented by the attack of the beast. To relieve her from the pain Geralt put her out of misery. The monster hunter, Witcher calls all of his horses by the name of Roach only always. During his journey, he gets many horses who prove to be his loyal companion as always.

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Recently, Henry Cavill took to his Instagram and shared a good number of pictures of the latest version of the horse that will play the role of Geralt’s loyal companion, Roach in the series. He introduced his new friend to the fans in the caption and mentioned that he went for a ride with his new buddy and horse master, Laszlo Juhász. He captioned the post, “reunited with my equine friend Hector today. And my human friend Laszlo! After a good ride out through the mountains, Hector showed off some of his new rearing skills. He is showing some promise.”

For Cavill, It’s Not Just A Horse

Henry Cavill With Roach Horse in The Witcher
Henry Cavill With Roach Horse in The Witcher

As per sources, Henry Cavill originally selected the horse which played the role of Roach in the second installment. Their bond was significant, not exclusively to repeat the idiosyncratic relationship Geralt and Roach had in the previous works. Additionally, to reinforce trust between the two to stay away from any genuine occurrences. It would be exciting for fans to see the relationship of Geralt with his new Roach in Witcher 3 that followed after the death of the old one in the sixth episode of season two.


During an interview, Henry said, “Roach is much more than a horse. She is an anchor to Geralt’s tried and true self because he gives that name to every horse he has. She is the one access point he has to humanity.” Season three of Netflix’s smash hit series will come this year possibly, as per sources.

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