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    “Would’ve Been Sad And Wrong To Continue” Says “The Office” Cast

    It’s been almost 10 years since the employees of Dunder Mifflin bid goodbye to “The Office.” The show wrapped up after the 9th season, leaving millions of fans teary eyed. The show with nine seasons was not at all tiresome, it never seemed to drag unnecessarily. Recently, the stars of the show, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, expressed that the show could have been on for two more seasons but it would have been a mistake.

    “The Office” is one of the best comedy sitcoms of all time. It is still one of the most popular shows even after a decade. Not only that, but it was constantly one of the most streamed shows on Netflix as well as Peacock.

    “The Office” With Two More Seasons! 

    The Office
    The Office

    Recently, the upcoming book by Fisher and Kinsey, shed light up on some brand new information about the most beloved show, “The Office.” The title of the book is “The Office BFFs: Tales Of The Office From Two Best Friends Who Were There.” They said that producer Greg Daniels told the cast that NBC offered to pick up the series for two more seasons. But the cast unanimously decided to end the show after Season 9. The reason was that many actors of the central cast were leaving. They said it would have felt sad and wrong to keep going without all the familiar faces in the show.

    I mean, the idea of slowly kind of losing people,” Fischer said, and added, “It just felt like, I don’t know. It just felt sad and wrong.” 

    “It felt wrong,” Kinsey added. “It felt wrong and like it would just ruin the [Office] world to slowly make up excuses of why people are leaving. One of the things I loved and we all got excited about was being able to know what the end was.”

    Kinsey said producer Greg Daniels then allowed the cast members to help create the final arcs of their characters. “He invited us all in to meet with him, to talk about, ‘What is something we always had hoped for our character?’ or what we always hoped for the show, and we got to share with him. I mean, that was just such a gracious thing that he did.”

    The Set Was Getting Empty

    The Office
    The Office star Steve Carell

    Gradually, with the show going forward to its 9th season, most of the central cast bid the show adieu. Many of the main writers including Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak had already left the show. Contracts of many cast members were up. But the most tragic absence that made the fans go blank was of Steve Carell.

    Carell left the show at the end of Season 7. His portrayal of Michael Scott was the best aspect of the series. The absence of his comedy and unique acting skills was not a small deal for the fans. Several other cast members followed Steve Carell and the show winded up after season 9.

    Although the last two seasons of “The Office” was nowhere tiring to watch, they were not the same without Steve. The series ended by featuring the cast ending the documentary with Dwight and Angela’s wedding. It wrapped up each character’s storyline in a very satisfying way.

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