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    “AI Is Racist”: Perfect Man And Woman, According To Artificial Intelligence, Are White, And People Are Furious

    Human intelligence can produce infinite results, but its restrictiveness has led to the creation of an alternative intelligence—Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Humans created and programmed computers to be universal machines that would help humans in their quest to achieve a technological revolution. But the Second World War led to the creation of AI technology, unifying electronics, automation, and mathematical theory and creating new branches of machine learning.

    Now, machine learning has produced many technologies that have redefined the functions of humans in various fields of expertise. Machine learning has led to the genesis of Generative AI, which uses algorithms to create new data. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Variational AutoEncoders(VAE), etc., help to generate images. Now, an eating disorder awareness group, The Bulimia Project, has asked the AI to produce images of a perfect man and woman, and the results have fumed many netizens.

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    AI-Generated Men And Women Are Mostly White, Olive Skinned, And Blonde

    Ideal man and woman as per AI
    Ideal man and woman as per AI

    Artificial intelligence has perpetuated social media’s beauty standards for both men and women.

    The Bulimia Project has conducted research to test generative AI to create ideal images of men’s and women’s bodies as per the algorithm on social media. They used generative AI tools like Dallas 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion to create images of the perfect bodies of men and women.

    The research put forth staggering results. As per AI, the features of an ideal man are height, dark eyes, a chiseled body, and enviable cheekbones. The ideal woman is tanned and white, with blonde hair and a perfectly carved body.

    The results have exposed the inherent bias of technology superseding human intelligence. Around 70% of men had brown hair, and 23% had brown eyes. Most of them had olive skin. 40% of women were blonde, and around 30% of them had brown eyes.

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    Twitteratis Are Angry Over The Results Generated By Artificial Intelligence

    AI-Generated picture of an ideal woman
    AI-Generated picture of an ideal woman

    Artificial Intelligence has failed to produce the ideal bodies and features for men and women. Instead, it perpetuated the unattainable beauty standards that are already in existence. In conclusion, the organization said, “In the age of Instagram and Snapchat filters, no one can reasonably achieve the physical standards set by social media.”

    It continued, “So, why try to meet unrealistic ideals? It’s both mentally and physically healthier to keep body image expectations squarely in the realm of reality.” The results have enraged netizens over the lack of diversity and accused the technology of racism.

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    Nishant Bhise
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