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    AI Predicts Last Selfies Before End Of World, Generates Horrible Images

    The end of the world is something we all love to read, write and talk about. There have been several predictions over the years about societal collapse. But none of them have been accurate. What if one of them turns out to be true and accurate?

    What if we could see or even imagine the last few days of earth before everything turns to ash? Well, artificial intelligence (AI) has created the last selfies before the end of the world. These images are scary and at the same time, feel very accurate.

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    The Last Selfies On Earth

    Last selfies on earth
    Last selfies on earth

    Some really creepy images have been depicted as the “last selfies” taken on Earth would look like. The images were generated by an artificially intelligent image generator.

    The AI is called Dall -E 2, a name that seems to be inspired by the 2008 Pixar film ‘Wall E‘. A Twitter user named Daniel Silva posted the video on Twitter. He captioned it: “Yoo should by now have heard about the artistic AI. DALL•E someone asked it to create “the last selfie on earth” the result is accurate.”

    The video has images that feel straight out of a horror film. One of the images has a disfigured man diabolically staring into the camera as a massive explosion goes off behind him.

    Another one has a skeletal figure capturing the moment framed by a huge plum of smoke. All these images were first shared on Tiktok by the page ‘Robot Overloads’.

    A Study Suggests The World Might End In 2040

    societal collapse
    societal collapse

    In 1972, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predicted a societal collapse by 2040.

    A follow-up study conducted by KPMG last year stated that we might be ahead of our schedule. The first economic study by the MIT team created a computer model for the entire global economy. Titled World3, it had a system to calculate everything from population to economy, birth rates, etc.

    Researchers ran the simulation with changes and tried to predict work productivity and rate of innovation. Every possibility was looked at including lower birth rates & higher birth rates. Every result, however, showed a decline in 2040.

    Mind you, this study did not include factors like climate change that are prevalent now. But the follow-up study suggested that the way we are on right now fits the decreasing rate of innovation. It cements the conclusion of the previous study.

    The scenario, named “business as usual,” is bad news. It notes the increase in pollution will affect industrial output. The problem of the ever-increasing population will affect food production. All these things are heading towards a complete collapse of society.

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