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    Glitch In The Political Matrix! Why Was Elon Musk And Ron DeSantis’ Interview On Twitter Marred With Glitches?

    Elon Musk has been attempting and failing to actualize his vision for Twitter since he acquired the platform. Since completing the historic $44 billion deal, Musk has been on a spree to fire the employees. First, he fired all the top-tier executives, including the ex-CEO of Twitter. Later, when the finances were dwindling after the advertisers pulled out of advertising, Elon conducted the biggest layoff of 2022.

    After the global layoff drive, Elon Musk’s Twitter has less than half its employees remaining. Now, this has affected many aspects of the smooth functioning of the microblogging site. Recently, the billionaire hosted the Republican candidate, Ron DeSantis, on Twitter Spaces to launch his presidential candidacy campaign in 2024. During the session, Musk faced a lot of technical glitches, which delayed the grand pronouncement of DeSantis’ candidacy on the supposed “digital town square of democracy.” The reports are suggesting that the layoffs are the reason for the disastrous campaign’s start.

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    Twitter Spaces’ Three Employees Were Far Less To Handle Ron DeSantis’ Mammoth Campaign

    Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk's Twitter Spaces interaction was full of glitches
    Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk’s Twitter Spaces interaction was full of glitches

    During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk revealed that he will be interviewing Ron DeSantis to help him launch his candidacy campaign. Along with Elon Musk, David Sacks, a prominent political donor, was appointed as a moderator during the session. Musk boasted about it by saying that it is the first time that a candidate will have his campaign launched on social media with unscripted, free-flowing conversation.

    Ron DeSantis planned to kick off the campaign in the early-voting states next week, but he wanted a grand launch for his campaign. He needed the first push due to his divisive politics, which have already clouded his campaign. However, his launch was far from what he envisioned. The first 25 minutes of the session had less Ron DeSantis and more glitching.

    Now, reports have emerged explaining why the campaign did not go as planned. As per the reports, the errors were due to fewer staff handling the platform after the massive layoff drive. Before Elon Musk, Twitter Spaces had 100 employees looking at the smooth functioning of the space. Now, only three employees oversee the operations on the platform.

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    Elon Musk Urges The Silicon Valley To Conduct More Layoffs

    The billionaire
    The billionaire

    Elon Musk is now suggesting his disastrous solution to the entire Silicon Valley. He suggests conducting more layoffs for efficient functioning and increasing productivity at the company.

    After the November 2022 and subsequent layoff drives, only 1,500 employees remain at Twitter. During The Wall Street Journal interview, he weighed in on the advantages of reducing the headcount at Twitter.

    Elon Musk said, “There were a lot of people that didn’t seem to have a lot of value. I think that’s true at many Silicon Valley companies. I think there is the possibility for significant cuts at other companies without affecting their productivity, in fact increasing their productivity.”

    He continued, “Twitter was in a situation where you’d have a meeting of ten people and one person with an accelerator and nine with a set of brakes.” Musk finds 1,500 employees a “reasonable number” to run Twitter.

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