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    Is Kate Middleton Behind Removing A Double Portrait Of Prince Harry And Prince William From The National Portrait Gallery?

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to wash the royal family’s dirty linen out in public. The couple did not leave the limelight since they exited the royal family and made a move to the US. Once stepping back from their royal duties, they decided to run a media-wide exposé about the ill-treatment they received at the hands of the royal family. They chronicled the stories of each member who meted out bullying tactics to tear down the two.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle extensively talked about Kate Middleton and Prince William. Meghan and Kate have had feuds for a long time, and Prince William was skeptical about the suitability of the actress in the family. Harry wrote about the bridesmaid’s dress story during Markle’s wedding, where Middleton allegedly made the Duchess of Sussex cry. The couple has created a rift between themselves and the family. Now, it is alleged that Kate Middleton used her power to remove a double portrait of Prince Harry and Prince William from a UK museum.

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    Prince Harry And Prince William’s Portrait Is Not On Display Since 2018

    Prince Harry and Prince William portrait by Nicola "Nicky" Philips
    Prince Harry and Prince William portrait by Nicola “Nicky” Philips

    The United Kingdom’s National Portrait Gallery will reopen after the renovation work, which was closed for almost two years. It houses portraits from the Elizabethan era to contemporary times. One of the portraits in the gallery was a double portrait of Prince Harry and Prince William.

    Nicola “Nicky” Philips painted it in 2010. The gallery describes the portrait, writing, “This is the first official oil portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry. It represents a unique moment in the lives of the brothers when they were both serving officers in the Household Cavalry (the ‘Blues and Royals’).”

    The National Portrait Gallery will reopen in June 2023, but it will not have the portraits of Prince William and Prince Harry. It is to be noted that the portrait has not been on display since 2018. The gallery provided an official statement via Artnews, saying, “We are only able to display a small percentage within our building. We regularly lend and tour our works, both nationally and internationally. This portrait by Nicky Philipps was included in a touring exhibition—Tudors to Windsors—which traveled between 2018 and 2021.”

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    Kate Middleton Has Allegedly Asked To Get Rid Of The Portrait

    Kate Middleton
    Kate Middleton

    The National Portrait Gallery is under the royal patronage of Kate Middleton. In the statement, the gallery said, “Decisions relating to the portraits on display at the National Portrait Gallery are made by the gallery’s curatorial team.” Middleton has made several visits to the gallery. In 2013, she was present at a reception, and the Princess of Wales also visited the portraits of her husband and brother-in-law.

    Valentine Low of The Times has alleged that Kate Middleton may be behind the gallery’s removal of the portrait. She wrote, “These days, however, the painting might be regarded as a painful reminder of the rift at the heart of the royal family, and one that has particular resonance for the gallery’s patron, the Princess of Wales.”

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