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    Prince Harry Came Up With A Bizarre Podcast Idea With ‘Controversial Guests’ Like Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

    The former Royals and their obsession with controversial topics is a never-ending saga. Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cut their ties with Spotify with both parties agreeing to be a mutual decision. Amidst the news, the head of Spofity’s international sports content, Bill Simmons flailed out at the couples calling them ‘f**king grifters’, also claiming that he was summoned to help Harry with the ideas for his podcast.

    As reported Prince Harry also had ideas for specific issues for episodes of the show including fatherhood, religion, and climate change with Pope Francis as his first guest to articulate religion. Other than Pope Francis, there were many other controversial guests whom Harry wanted to invite to the show. 

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    Why Did Prince Harry Want To Interview Controversial Guests?

    Mark Zukerberg, Donald Trump and Vladimir putin

    When the deal was first signed in 2020 between the former Royals and Spotify, Prince Harry proposed many influential ideas for the podcast. Further investigated by Bloomberg through various sources including people with knowledge of Harry’s discussions with producers, discovered that the Duke of Sussex wanted to interview controversial guests about their childhood traumas amongst many other topics.

    Prince Harry wanted to interview guests like former US president Donald Trump, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg about their childhood traumas. A reporter from Bloomberg, Ashley Carman reported that those who were assigned to help Harry with the podcast found this idea “questionable” also adding on how difficult it would be to get prominent figures like Vladimir Putin and Mark Zuckerberg to talk on such sensitive and personal matters.

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    What Was The Real Reason Behind The Unsuccessful Spotify Deal?

    Prince Harry And Meghan Markle may drop the titles 'Duke of Sussex' and 'Duchess of Sussex'
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    However, the idea to bring personalities like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was snubbed along with many other Prince Harry’s ideas. Over the three-year deal with Spotify, Meghan Markle only produced one 12-episode season of her podcast- Archetypes. The podcast had over many celebrity guests including Paris Hilton, Mindy Kaling, and Mariah Carrey.

    The Sussexes’ Spotify arrangement was officially declared over in a joint statement from both the parties-Spotify and Archewell Audio. The statement released said that they have mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series they made. But according to New York Post, the Archewell media company did not produce enough content for the deal to continue. 

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