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    Royal Commentator Angela Levin Blasts Prince Harry For Leaving The Coronation To Attend His Son’s Birthday

    Despite Prince Harry attending the Coronation, tensions between him and the Royal family remain fraught. This is his second visit to the homeland since he last attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. The media has made a lot of this visit, some hinting he’s looking to reconcile with his family.

    Unfortunately, this visit is a short one. Prince Harry plans to attend only a part of the Coronation ceremony, flying back to attend his son Archie’s birthday party. This decision of Prince Harry has landed him in trouble with the Royal commentator Angela Levin, who finds Prince Harry’s round trip utterly disrespectful.

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    Angela Levin Blasts Prince Harry’s Decision To Leave

    The Duke Of Sussex is under fire for skipping the majority of the Coronation ceremony to attend his son’s birthday

    Royal commentator and biographer Angela Levin is not taking kindly to Prince Harry‘s impolite round trip. She’s blasting him for leaving behind such a monumental event for a child’s birthday party. She also fails to understand why Harry couldn’t convince Meghan to delay their son’s birthday party in light of the Coronation being on the same day. She’s distraught by Harry’s disrespect for the Royal family’s institutions and customs. 

    Angela Levin told GBN, “Well, I think he will sort of half pretend he’s not there. I don’t think he wants to accept the reality of it. He will come but I think him going immediately and catching a plane back is actually a snub and a very appalling thing to do. I worked out he couldn’t get there (Montecito) till 8pm. A four-year-old doesn’t need a birthday party at 8pm.”

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    Angela Levin Denies Prince Harry’s Claims Against Queen Camilla

    Queen Camilla has been a target of The Duke Of Sussex's autobiography 'Spare'
    Queen Camilla has been a target of The Duke Of Sussex’s autobiography ‘Spare.’

    In his autobiography ‘Spare,’ The Duke Of Sussex called Queen Camilla “ambitious” and accused her of leaking private conversations involving the royal family to the media. Angela Levin quickly denied these claims, saying Prince Harry is “full of lies” about Camilla. Levin, who has written books about Harry and Camilla, insists the latter is a wonderful person who adds meaning to the monarchy.

    In her book ‘Camilla: From Outcast To Queen Consort,’ Levin talked about how Prince Harry has been nasty in his treatment of Camilla. She also blamed the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ for the public’s perception of Camilla. Levin described Camilla as “ideal” for King Charles as she doesn’t crave the spotlight and is loyal to the monarchy. According to Levin, Camilla is headstrong and will be remembered for her work for the community.

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