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    Why Prince Harry Thinks Watching Meghan Markle’s Love-Making Scenes From ‘Suits’ Was ‘A Mistake’?

    The Royal Family has been in the center of the limelight thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They have been belting content since their bombshell docu series ‘Harry & Meghan’ on Netflix. The couple have struck deals with some major media giants like Spotify and Netflix after exiting the Royal Family. The two have made certain eyebrow raising revelations about their experiences with the Royal Family. But, the Duke of Sussex has become invincible with his revelations with a new memoir ‘Spare’.

    Penguin Random House revealed the title and cover image of the memoir in October 2022. Since Harry revealed about the memoir, there has been inquisitiveness surrounding the book. After their exit, the couple have had friction with the Royal Family due to their interviews and exposé content. After the Oprah interview, their two part docu series have taken an intimate look at the couple’s relationship and their splintered equations with the members of the British Monarch. There has been a lot of chatter since some snippets from the book are out. In one of them, he talked about looking at Meghan’s steamy scenes in ‘Suits’.

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    Prince Harry Regrets Googling Wife’s Love Making Scenes From ‘Suits’

    Meghan Markle with Patrick Adams in 'Suits'
    Meghan Markle with Patrick Adams in ‘Suits’

    In July 2022, Prince Harry released the synopsis for his upcoming memoir ‘Spare’. The Royal memoir is going to be “a definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him”.

    It will include stories and ruminations about his relationships, work, dealing with grief, and his military stint. Apart from some explosive divulgence, there may be some steamy confessions regarding his relationship with wife Meghan Markle. One of them is looking at his wife displaying kinks in her series ‘Suits’.

    In the popular show ‘Suits’, she played Rachel Zane for seven seasons. The actress earned $450,000 yearly playing Rachel. Patrick J. Adams played her love interest Mike Ross in the series. The two have had some sensually charged sequences in the series.

    Harry and Meghan Markle started dating each other in 2016. Around the same time, she was also involved with the series. So, while they were dating Prince Harry watched her steamy scenes with Patrick. In the memoir, he talked about the scene when Mike told Rachel he did not go to Harvard.

    The scene takes place in a file room where the two indulge in a passionate make-out sequence where the ‘I Hate You’ trope continues. Harry said that he committed “the mistake of Googling and watching some of her love scenes online”. He confessed, “I’d witnessed her and a castmate mauling each other in some sort of office or conference room,” the 38-year-old writes. I didn’t need to see such things live”.

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    He Alleged That The Royal Family Was Intervening In The Creative Process Of The Show

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    In ‘Spare’, Prince Harry also revealed that his family started meddling with the content of their to-be daughter-in-law. In 2017, Meghan appeared for the last time on Season 7 of ‘Suits’. She said in an interview that it was “a change”, a transition for her. She wanted to now work with Harry “as a team”. But, the reason is partly related to her growing relationship with Harry and the Royal Family.

    According to US Weekly, Harry wrote, “Meg packed up her house, gave up her role in Suits. After seven seasons. A difficult moment for her, because she loved that show, loved the character she was playing, loved her cast and crew — loved Canada”.

    However, the Communications Secretary of the Palace intervened in the filming and writing process. He continued, “The show writers were frustrated, because they were often advised by the palace comms team to change lines of dialogue, what her character would do, how she would act”. Meghan exited the show after her engagement with Prince Harry.

    ‘Spare’ will be available from January 10th, 2023.

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