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    A Woman In Mexico Finds Out Her Cat Has Been Living A Double Life

    We love our pet animals irrespective of our country, creed, or race. Be it cats, dogs, birds, or any other type of animal. The internet is also filled with cute videos, shorts, and articles of owners showering love on their pets.

    But it is not every day that you hear that your pet is living a double life. Yes, you heard it right. A woman found a note in her cat’s collar that revealed this secret.

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    Woman Finds Out Her Cat Has Been Living Dual Lives


    The incident took take in October 2019 in Mexico. A family found out that their pet cat had been leading two lives, and that not in a supernatural way of course. They were clueless that their four-legged companion had a second home, a different name, and had been living with another family that lived just a few blocks away from them.

    According to a report from, the cat named Pixi has been living with their human Mary for a while. Mary said the cat comes and goes as he pleases and she doesn’t know the reason behind it.

    Initially, she thought Pixi must be roaming around, chasing birds and rats, doing all the things cats are supposed to do. But one day her suspicion grew after she found a different collar on the cat.

    So Mary decided to write a note that said, “My name is Pixi and I think I have two homes!” explaining her suspicion that the cat might have two homes.

    A Collar Note Revealed The Cat’s Second Home

    Pixi's collar note
    Pixi’s collar note

    A while after Marie put that letter in Pixi’s collar, he disappeared away like usual. But this time because of the note, his whereabouts will unravel.

    The cat returned to Marie but this time, with another note on his collar that said: “Here he is called Huarache, it appears that he does have two homes…haha. Greetings!”

    So Pixi/Huarache was living in two households and was receiving the double amount of food, love, and shelter from both families in Mexico.

    Since the unveiling, the two families have exchanged several notes with each other via the cat. They also talked about the vaccinations Pixi/Huarache has received or needs to receive.

    Unlike any other person, Marie didn’t feel cheated by being essentially happy to share the love and warmth of her cat.

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