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    The Spine Chilling Hit And Run Accident Of A 12-Years-Old Girl Caught On Camera In New York City

    Recently, a very disturbing accident occurred in CROTONA PARK EAST, Bronx, NYC. A 12-years-old girl was passing the Bronx street walking between the cars. Suddenly she got struck by a car and the accused fled the scene.

    The whole incident was recorded on the camera. It happened just before 4:30 pm on Sunday, June 5, on Boone Avenue in the Crotona Park East section.

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    The Heartbreaking Accident Leaves Young Girl Traumatized

    The accident that cost a 12-years-old girl to get 40 stiches on her cheeks.
    The hit and run accident of the twelve years old girl in NYC

    The disturbing clip features Nevaeh Joseph, the 12-years-old victim running out between the parked cars before a dark-colored BMW sedan struck her right on her head. The girl rolls onto the hood and roof of the car. Her shoe and her cell phone flew into the air. She then fell to the ground unfortunately when the car was still moving.

    Dray Smith who was a passerby summarized the Whole accident. “I was just trying to tell the girl to stay down while I ran to the beauty salon to get towels, wet and dry, while I was also on the phone with EMS,” he said. “I’m just glad she’s OK.” The girl not only had to have 40 stitches on her cheeks by a plastic surgeon but also faced several injuries to her hand and back.

    She’s traumatized and in a lot of pain from head to toe,” Christine Cruz, the mother of the victim said. “She has medicine, she has to take antibiotics, and I have to forcefully get her up. I’ve been trying all morning, and I can’t get her to come out here or to wake up.”

    “Angry, very angry that someone could just leave a child like that and not stop and see what’d they’d done,” Cruz said. “I’m wishing and hoping that he comes forward and find the kindness in his heart to apologize at least.”

    Police Take Action Against The Incident

    Police arrived at the Accident spot and ceased the area
    Police arrived at the Accident spot and investigations are still going on

    New York City Police ( NYCP) is now searching for the culprit who hit the child and fled the scene like a coward.

    “WANTED for LEAVING THE SCENE: Have you seen this car? On 6/5/22 at approx 4:25 PM, in front of 1711 Boone Ave in the Bronx, a dark colored BMW struck a 12-year-old female, then fled the scene. The victim is in stable condition. Any info?” tweeted NYPD.

    No related information regarding the driver has come to light till now. Anyone who comes across any information regarding the matter should call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).

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