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    How A Woman Solved Her Own Murder: The Extraordinary Story Of Teresita Basa

    There are a lot of weird and creepy murder mysteries from across the globe. But there are some stories that are heard to be believed. They feel like straight out of a true crime film or a novel.

    Teresita Basa‘s case is one such instance. She was the woman whose ghost may have solved her own murder case.

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    The Story Of Teresita Basa

    Teresita Basa
    Teresita Basa

    Teresita Basa was a Filipino lady born in the Philippines in 1929. She moved to the United States in the 1960s to study music. She was a quiet and introverted person who kept things to herself. Basa later became a respiratory therapist at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Things were going pretty normal for her until one day.

    On February 21, 1977, around 8 pm, the fire department was called to put out the fire in her apartment. Inside they saw a horrific sight amidst the blaze. It was Basa lying naked under a burning mattress and pile of clothes with a butcher knife buried in her chest. The circumstances led the officials to believe that she may have been a victim of sexual assault.

    However, the autopsy showed no sign of rape. In the hospital, Basa worked with another Filipino, a 38-yea-old respiratory technician Remibias ‘Remy’ Chua. Two weeks after Basa’s death, Remy talked about how Basa could not tell anyone who her killer was.

    The police followed several leads but they lead nowhere. One piece of evidence that was found was a memo that said, “Get Theatre Tickets for A.S.” The cops could not find what the initials stood for Basa’s boyfriend, whom she allegedly argued with, and was considered a possible suspect.

    The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder

    Newspaper headline of Teresita Basa's murder
    Newspaper headline of Teresita Basa’s murder

    Later, when Remy was taking a nap in the hospital, she saw Teresita Basa in front of her. She screamed and ran away from the room. A few days later, Remy was at home with her husband Jose who was a doctor. She was sleeping while he was talking to an attorney named Al on phone. Upon hearing Al, Ramy screamed and went into a trance.

    Remy’s body told Jose that she was Teresita Basa and she needed his help. She told Jose that a man had entered her apartment and killed her. Remy then woke up with no recollection of the events prior. The couple had no evidence to show the police so they decided not to do anything. A few weeks later, Remy again went into a trance and Teresita’s voice confronted Jose about why they didn’t tell the police. Jose told her there was no evidence.

    This time Teresita told him her killer’s name. He was Allan Showery, an orderly at the same hospital. She told Jose that Allan had come to his home to help her fix her television set. After entering her room, Allan stabbed her with a knife and attempted to burn her body. He also stole Teresita’s jewelry after her murder and gave it to his girlfriend.

    They went to the police and the cops found a pearl ring and a jade pendant in Allan’s possession. Police confronted Allan and he confessed to killing her. He had removed her clothes to make it look like a sexual crime. Allan was trialed and received only a 14-year sentence. He was released on parole in 1983.

    But the mystery doesn’t end here. It was revealed that Remy and Allan didn’t like each other in the hospital. Remy had also started getting psychic episodes after being told that she has lost her job. There are rumors that she might have overheard Allan planning to kill Basa but she couldn’t find a way to tell the cops.

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