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    ‘Beef’ Season 2’s Potential “White” Casting Choices Spark Backlash

    Netflix series ‘Beef‘ has emerged as one of the unexpected hit shows with its first season and an abstract story narrative. With its portrayal of the complicated relationship between two Asian American characters, Danny and Amy, ‘Beef‘ was initially positioned as a limited series. But because of its success, the series is coming back with season 2.

    However, the potential next season has already mired itself in controversy even before its production started. Though Season 1 of the show had Ali Wong and Steven Yeun in the lead roles and aced at it, the showmakers are getting four actors in the lead roles for the next season.  And audiences are not very happy with the potential choices for these roles.

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    ‘Beef’ Season Two Will Cast Four Actors In Lead Roles

    Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong) in the Netflix series 'Beef' (Credit: Getty)
    Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong) in the Netflix series ‘Beef’ (Credit: Getty)

    Beef‘ is set for the next season after the award-winning success of its pilot season. With a wide fan following awaiting the next installment of the show since it was announced, many might be disappointed by a slight change that the show makers have decided to introduce to the show.

    Recent announcements suggest that creator and executive producer Lee Sung Jin is considering four people on board to play the lead roles in the second season. With this decision, there is also widespread speculation about the potential casting choices.

    Some reports suggest that the showmakers are considering Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as the two feuding couples to lead the next season. While this has come as exciting news for some fans, some others have expressed disappointment for two reasons.

    Firstly, fans are largely left confused about the decision to extend the series, as it was originally presented as a limited run. While the success of the first season appears to be the most obvious reason behind the extension, some fans opine that the show should have stopped at the optimum end it has had and not stretched it further.

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    Netizens Are Disappointed Over White Casting For Season 2 Of ‘Beef’

    Still from Netflix series 'Beef' (Credit: Getty)
    Still from Netflix series ‘Beef’ (Credit: Getty)

    Another major concern revolves around the potential white-washing of the cast for Season 2, deviating from the show’s original focus on Asian American experiences. Fans argue that the entire concept of ‘Beefcenters around the struggles of Asian Americans in achieving the American dream. The prospect of exploring these themes with a predominantly white cast has raised questions and criticism.

    Social media was abuzz with fans expressing their concerns. “The whole concept of Beef is how Asian Americans are striving with difficulty in achieving the American dream through anger [and] madness, then on Season 2 we get to see this theme explored…with a majorly white cast?”

    If this cast does strike a deal with Jin and Netflix, Melton will be the only new Asian American cast member as he is half-Korean,” another one wrote. “None of my business but Asian American filmmakers really get one hit and then BOOM white people,” another chimed in.

    Fans are now hoping that if Season 2 moves forward, it will stay true to the show’s original messaging around the Asian American experiences.

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