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    ‘Expats’: Plot, Cast, And Release Date Of Nicole Kidman-Starrer Prime Video Series

    After enthralling the audience on celluloid, Nicole Kidman has added some credible work to her filmography with her streaming projects. She has starred in projects like ‘Being the Ricardos’, which earned her an Oscar nomination in the ‘Best Actress’ category. Nicole also starred in the Reese Witherspoon thriller series ‘Big Little Lies’. Now, she will be seen in Lulu Wang’s ‘Expats’.

    Lulu Wang is back with a long-format project after the success of her 2019 film ‘The Farewell’. In the film, she addresses feelings of being displaced and the grief that entails. In the new Prime Video project, Wang will explore the lives of three women who are migrants to Hong Kong, exploring their turbulent lives as their stories get intertwined. It stars Nicole Kidman, Ji-young Yoo, and Sarayu Blue.

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    Everything To Know About ‘Expats’

    Sarayu Blue in Prime Video's 'Expats'
    Sarayu Blue in Prime Video’s ‘Expats’

    Nicole Kidman’s newfound interest in the streaming space, along with her experimental era, has made her join forces with Lulu Wang for the upcoming Prime Video series ‘Expats’. It also stars Sarayu Blue and Ji-young Yoo in pivotal roles in the series.

    ‘Expats’ follows the lives of three American women in the complex world of migration in Hong Kong. Nicole Kidman plays Margaret, a mother of three children who migrates to Hong Kong after a tragic incident throws her into the harrows of grief.

    Sarayu Blue plays Hilary, who is a career-focused and successful businesswoman who struggles with infertility. Ji-young Yoo is Mercy, a newly graduated woman who wants to get a new lease on life. The three women’s paths cross as they establish a formidable connection that will surely transform their daily lives.

    Lulu Wang’s ‘Expats’ is based on the 2016 novel titled ‘The Expatriates’ written by Janice Y. K. Lee. The series was greenlit in 2018 by Amazon Studios, and the ‘Big Little Lies’ actress came on board as an actress and executive producer on the thriller series. ‘Expats’ will be released on January 26, 2024, with new episodes released every day on Amazon Prime Video.

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    Nicole Kidman Almost Walked Out Of The Series

    Nicole Kidman almost walked out of 'Expats'
    Nicole Kidman almost walked out of ‘Expats’

    ‘Expats’ went through a turbulent journey throughout the filming of the series. After the project was greenlit, COVID-19 hit the world and brought it to a standstill.

    During the filming, Nicole Kidman was embroiled in controversy after she was given relief amidst strict lockdown restrictions in Hong Kong. She also damaged her hamstring during the filming, which made her go back home.

    During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Nicole Kidman dreaded going back into the space of grief and almost walked out of the project.

    She said, “There’s not a chance I can ever go back into this space again because it was harrowing. I was alone and I was in Hong Kong without my children, without my family. I knew I could not let everybody down by suddenly withdrawing, [but I was asking] ‘why do you want to do this?’ ”

    Nicole Kidman, after the COVID-19 and hamstring injury, was hesitant to go back. She added, “There were so many different things that happened during the course of the shooting, the idea of having to go back into that place…it was just like ‘this is hell, what am I doing?”

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