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    ‘House Of The Dragon’: Is Laenor Velaryon Returning To Westeros In Season 2?

    The drop of the season two trailer of ‘House of The Dragon’ left the fans in awe indicating that season two will start with a civil war with houses turning against each other. The trailer dropped several easter eggs and introduced new characters along with two new houses.

    ‘House of the Dragon’ ended with Laenor fake convincing Westeros that he had been killed while allowing him to escape to Essos and a life of peace with his lover, Qarl Correy. But the season two trailer dropped an interesting easter egg indicating that Laenor Velaryon might be alive.

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    Will Laenor Velaryon Return For Season Two Of ‘House Of The Dragons’?

    Laenor Velaryon
    Laenor Velaryon

    The trailer of season two gives the audience a glimpse of Ahaenyra and her dragon, Syrax, coming face to face with another dragon Seasmoke, who belonged to Laenor. But Laenor is nowhere to be seen in the trailer does not necessarily mean that he won’t return.

    But if Laenor Velaryon would return it would be a massive detour from the source material. And even if he was alive and in hiding, many loose ends in season two might fix like his parents not knowing that he’s alive. 

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    Who Is The Mysterious Figure Riding Seasmoke?

    New Riders Will Claim Dragons
    New Riders Will Claim Dragons

    A new character called Addam of Hull makes an appearance with the Seasmoke.  In the book, Addam and his brother, Alyn, aid Rhaenyra, and the blacks for more Dragonriders to claim the riderless dragons.

    Addam and Alyn are the bastard children of Laenor and a woman named Marilda from Driftmark. However, since Laenor is gay, some speculate that they’re the sons of Lord Corlys. Addam can bond with Laenor’s dragon Seasmoke and becomes his new rider for the Dance of the Dragons

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