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    “I Do But I’m Not Going To Say Because…”: Willem Dafoe Reveals Why He Won’t Pick One Favorite Out Of Three Characters He Played In ‘Kinds Of Kindness’

    ‘Kinds Of Kindness is a type of experience that you will not forget. The movie is filled with Vulnerability, and peak human emotions with Lanthimos’s (director of the movie) dark humor and bizarreness.

    The movie follows three very different character and their different storylines. All the actor play different roles which shows their versatility and acting skills. Considering this, Willem Dafoe was asked about his favorite character among the actors.

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    Willem Dafoe Can’t Select One Favorite Actor From ‘Kinds Of Kindness’

    Willem Dafoe

    Kinds Of Kindness’ is a movie that follows three connected stories. One of a boy who tries to take control of his life, the second one of a policeman who is triggered by his missing wife, who comes back from the sea and is a different person, and the third on being of a woman who finds someone with a special disability.

    The cast of the movie includes Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe, Margaret Qualley, Hong Chau, Joe Alwyn, and Mamoudou Athie, playing three different characters and even more than that. Willem Dafoe during an interview was asked about his favorite actor and he couldn’t one. To which he replied, “I’m not going to say because I resist having preferences.”  Indeed it’s a hard choice to make from a list of such brilliant actors.

    On the other hand, Emma Stone was also asked the same question to which she replied, “hard” to pick a favorite. “It also changes.” She continued,  “I’ve seen it quite a few times and I really loved this one this time, and then I’m in a different mood, in a different place and I’m really drawn to this other one. So it’s hard to choose a favorite.”

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    ‘Kinds Of kindness’ Is Stone’s Fourth And Dafoe’s Second collaboration With Lanthimos

    Still from the movie

    The cast of the movie had a good time while shooting the film. Emma Stone previously worked with the director in ‘The Favourite, and the short films ‘Bleat’ and ‘Poor Things’, while Dafoe had a supporting role. “He gives you fun things to do, We love being around him. I love his work. He brings wonderful people to the project. I’m very happy when I’m on his set and in his company. And of course, working with Emma Stone is a big bonus!” Dafoe said.

    Emma Stone also shares her experience during the filming of the movie. She said “We’re just loving on each other and we feel so close. To have that kind of energy on a film set really makes you feel alive. It’s very inspiring. I think you do better work when you feel that level of of community and trust, it feels like theater.”

    Moreover, the movie also deals with social norms, and human relationships that would leave viewers in an unsettling and bold vision. The movie might also take multiple watches to get the actual essence of it.

    The movie ‘Kinds Of Kindness’ will be in select theatres on 21 June before expanding worldwide and in the UK on June 28.

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