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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Jensen Ackles Hint At Coming Together For ‘Walking Dead: Dead City’

    Actors Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have revealed their intention to collaborate on a ‘Walking Dead‘ spin-off. The duo last collaborated on ‘Supernatural, while Morgan also joined Ackles in the sixth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ as a villain.

    Both Morgan and Ackles confirmed their hopes about ‘The Walking Dead‘, while they were on a stage together earlier this month at a convention panel in Burbank. When a fan from the audience inquired about the likelihood of Ackles joining the zombie franchise, Morgan responded with a “yeah” with a gesture of optimism.

    Interestingly, he also disclosed that they have already had a discussion about this. “Yeah, funny enough we had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about it… um… I think so. I mean, I’d love to have him [on Dead City], [Ackles] would love to come and do it – sometimes our schedules won’t work out quite the way we want them to.”

    The actors also share great friendship and have been supportive of each other. Jensen Ackles is as excited about the prospect of a movie together as Jeffrey Dean Morgan is. “In this industry, people like to work with people they trust and so – now I have, we have friends who are doing well and say ‘Hey, do you want to come over and do a spot on the show or you want to come to do this movie together?’” Ackles said.

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    Jeffrey Morgan And Jensen Ackles Might Reunite On ‘The Boys’

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles on 'Supernatura'l
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles on ‘Supernatura’

    A project together will further enhance the bond between them and may also lead to some more projects in the future together. Jeffrey and Jensen discussed how people in the industry work with people they trust, hence working with a friend makes it easier. Morgan added with a sense of hope, “We’d love it to happen, I’ll tell you that. Make it so!”

    Though the ‘Walking Dead’ collaboration between the actors is not yet confirmed, the two are officially confirmed to be a part of the supernatural drama ‘The Boys‘.

    While Ackles has already confirmed to be a part of ‘The Boys’, the show will introduce Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the upcoming season 4. Ackles shared on his Instagram about his role as a soldier in ‘The Boys’, thought there is little or no information about Morgan’s role.

    The Boys’ season 4 is all set to premiere on June 13, 2014.

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