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    Know Everything About The Anime ‘Black Clover’

    If you are a ‘Naruto’ fan, there is a high chance that you will definitely like ‘Black Clover’. There are few eccentric characters in this anime who resemble the characters from the Hidden Leaf Village. Hands down, one of the best (‘Naruto’ spin-offs, but no one is going to admit this) anime series available on Netflix for you to watch.

    It is about Asta, a young orphan from a small village called Hage, in the middle of nowhere. More than anything in the world, Asta wants to become the next Wizard King, the head military leader of Clover Kingdom, to help protect the land and offer aid to his hometown. Know more about the anime ‘Black Clover’.

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    Who Is The Protagonist Of ‘Black Clover’?


    The protagonist of the anime ‘Black Clover’ is Asta. I wouldn’t doubt if half the viewers walked away after giving first episode a try, feeling like their ears were about to bleed because of Asta. Gakuto Kajiwara gave Asta a loud, shrill voice that felt like he was constantly screaming in everyone’s ear. Kajiwara absolutely tones it down in the following episodes, neverthless, Asta is still loud minus the shrill voice.

    The protagonist’s goal is to become the Wizard King. (Quite similar to Naruto who wanted to become the Hokage.) Given that he wanted to protect the Clover Kingdom, however, is bothered by the social stratification occurring in the country. So, he seeks to become Wizard King to have the power to make changes necessary for people outside of the royal capital.

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    Who Is Asta’s Rival?

    Yuno and Asta

    Asta’s primary rival is Yuno, another orphan who grew up in the same orphanage as Asta. The two of them have both vowed to be the Wizard King, meaning they’re constantly competing to impress their superiors. There’s obvious respect between the two, but since they’re always attempting to one-up one another, there’s also a ton of smack talk.

    Yuno’s special attribute is Wind and he is gifted with a four-leaf clover grimoire, making him one of the most powerful rookie Magic Knights. Still, the anime series always makes it seem like Yuno’s working just as hard as Asta despite his gifts, so it never feels like he’s just being handed his victories. (It’s exactly like Naruto and Sasuke but better.)

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