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    Lily-Rose Depp Starrer ‘The Idol’ References Kanye West’s Nazi Inclination In Their Finale Episode

    ‘The Idol,’ after a rough five-episode run, has finally come to an end! It has already garnered a lot of flak for its portrayal and lackluster narrative. Sam Levinson’s project over-s*****ized the protagonist without giving her character any tropes for development. Though the last episode of the series turned the tables, it failed to achieve anything substantial by revealing that Jocelyn had control all along. But one of the highlights of the episode was Kanye West.

    In recent times, Kanye West has caught public ire due to his erratic behavior, becoming the most noxious of all celebrities. He scathingly attacked the Jews and offended the African American community. Even before that, he was a chief propagator of Nazi ideology and an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Now, ‘The Idol’ makers have used that to make a point about Lily-Rose Depp’s character, Jocelyn.

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    Jocelyn’s Sensual And Nude Performance Gets Compared To Kanye West’s Nazi Propaganda

    Kanye West's Nazi inclination gets a mention during the last episode of Lily-Rose Depp starrer 'The Idol'
    Kanye West’s Nazi inclination gets a mention during the last episode of Lily-Rose Depp starrer ‘The Idol’

    The makers of The Idol took a dig at Kanye West’s Nazi love during their finale episode. In the episode, Jocelyn runs the concert performance through her team. While she is presenting the risque, highly sensual performance to the team, Live Nation’s representative comments about the performance to Chaim.

    Hank Azaria’s character says, “This is what puts the asses in the seats in the arenas.” To this, the representative says, “You know f***ing Kanye was filling arenas until he decided to start following Adolf Hitler.”

    Since 2018, Ye has been promulgating his inclination toward Nazi ideology and Adolf Hitler. During an interview with TMZ, he made an explosive statement about slavery being a choice. But the interviewer said that Ye claimed that he loves Hitler and Nazis. After that, during his presidential nomination campaign, in Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars’ interview, he promoted the same.

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    The Finale Reveals That Tedros Was The Victim All Along

    Lily-Rose Depp talks about 'The Idol' twist during the finale
    Lily-Rose Depp talks about ‘The Idol’ twist during the finale

    ‘The Idol’ portrayed Lily-Rose Depp’s Jocelyn in a light that saturated her growth as a character. Tedros took over control of her life to assist her in tapping into her potential as an artist to resuscitate her career. But the fifth episode shed light on the fact that Tedros had been the victim all along.

    During the making of the finale episode, Lily-Rose Depp talked about how the tables turned for Jocelyn and Tedros. She says, “I think a lot of the audience will watch maybe the first few episodes and think that this guy is taking advantage of her. By the end, he realizes that she knows exactly what he’s doing, and she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

    The actress called Jocelyn calculative. She added, “Jocelyn is a very calculated and strategic person. She knows exactly what she wants, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it. Tedros was her muse, and she got what she needed out of him.”

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