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    Top 10 Most Disturbing Deaths In ‘The Boys’ Series

    There is a consensus among critics that The Boys’ is one of the goriest and bloodiest shows available on streaming services at the moment. Fans of the program, on the other hand, find great enjoyment in witnessing the horrifying amounts of brutality that certain characters are subjected to throughout the series, rather than finding this to be a huge turnoff for the show. This can occasionally result in deaths that are extraordinarily gruesome and unexpected.

    In any case, considering how shockingly bloody the first three seasons of the critically acclaimed program have been, it will be fascinating to observe how ‘The Boys’ manages to outdo themselves in terms of the level of bloodshed.

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    Top 10 Most Disturbing Deaths In The Boys

    10. Lamplighter


    In the series ‘The Boys,’ Lamplighter is a very interesting character. He cruelly put an end to Mallory’s grandkids by burning them to death. He was once a member of the renowned Seven, but since then, he has lost the favor of his fellow superheroes. Lamplighter ends up self-immolating in front of The Seven’s mural, causing himself to be charred to a crisp. He does this because he feels guilty for his previous actions and is unhappy with his place in life.

    9. Alastair Adana

    Alastair Adana
    Alastair Adana

    Adana’s debut in ‘The Boys’ was always a bizarre and funny one. Alastair Adana was a fascinating addition to the roster of tertiary characters in the series.

    masquerading as the head of a weird organization that has similarities to Scientology and is attempting to recruit A-Train and The Deep. In the end, he meets his demise as a result of Victoria Neuman’s actions, which lead his skull to explode.

    8. Aleksy Lutz

    Aleksy Lutz
    Aleksy Lutz

    Fans of the show the series may know Aleksy Lutz from his role as Popclaw’s landlord, a guy who had an unforgettable end when he hooked up with Popclaw and had his head horrifically crushed in as a result of their encounter.

    Because of the insignificance of Aleksy’s part in the series, very little information is available about him. However, his shocking and downright disgusting death still stands out in fans’ minds as a particularly gory moment in the series.

    7. Susan Raynor

    The Boys
    Susan Raynor

    Her brain suddenly combusted in front of the Boys just like Adana did, preventing her from revealing crucial information to Mother’s Milk and Hughie.

    Since season 1, Raynor had an intriguing connection with Billy Butcher and the Boys, oscillating between a valuable source of information and someone who had nothing to do with Butcher at all.

    Her assassination, which occurred in the middle of the second season, left the Boys scrambling to figure out who was responsible for killing one of the few government officials who had attempted to assist them on occasion.

    6. Mesmer


    When Mesmer initially debuted in ‘The Boys,’ he was shown as an ally of sorts for Butcher and his gang, providing them with intelligence regarding Vought’s operations. Mesmer’s first appearance was in season one.

    Butcher eventually catches up with the B-superhero and kills him by repeatedly hitting the back of Mesmer’s head against the edge of a bathroom sink until the back of Mesmer’s skull collapses.

    Mesmer’s involvement in the series was very minor, but the horrific manner in which he met his end has made him one of the most memorable characters on our list.

    5. Madelyn Stillwell

    The Boys

    Madelyn Stillwell was presented as a primary adversary in ‘The Boys’ and was first thought to be the actual mastermind behind The Seven. She was also considered to be one of the key villains. Stillwell loses her life as a result of Homelander’s use of his laser vision to destroy her skull as a result of her persistent flirting and attempts to seduce him. Stillwell’s actions ultimately prove fatal.

    Stillwell’s death was a bit surprising as the audience did not anticipate it, especially given the fact that anything involving lasers burning through a human’s eyeballs is always going to be frightening and horrific.

    4. Translucent


    Early on in The Boys’ first season, Translucent is only a cameo appearance. When Hughie blows a bomb up inside the superhero, splattering Translucent all over the place, he kills this perverse Seven members who can turn invisible.

    Translucent’s early appearances in the series established him as a figure that viewers were supposed to dislike: a bully who hangs around restrooms and changing rooms using his invisibility talents. Hughie’s character undergoes a sea of change as a result of killing him.

    3. Black Noir

    The Boys
    Black Noir

    Black Noir abandoned his tracker and fled when he heard that Soldier Boy had escaped from his test-tube captivity. At first, we didn’t understand why he was so afraid of Soldier Boy, but his recollections accompanied by his cartoon companions revealed a narrative that was too horrific to swallow and provided us with much-needed insight into his deranged character.

    When Noir asked Homelander for help killing Soldier Boy, Homelander, being the unpredictable character that he is, ended up killing Noir instead.

    2. Robin


    The passing of Robin was by far the most startling and upsetting death to occur on The Boys to this point. She was a great lady and someone that Hughie loved, but she was cruelly murdered when the A-Train, which was going at supersonic speeds, crashed into her and pulverized her right in front of Hughie’s eyes.

    Hughie’s quest for justice was sparked by Robin’s untimely death, even though her screen appearance was brief.

    1. Termite’s Boyfriend’s Death

    Termite’s Boyfriend’s Death
    Termite’s Boyfriend’s Death

    Termite finds himself in a bizarre predicament that culminates in the violent death of his romantic partner during the death scene that has since taken the internet by storm. The first episode, titled ‘Payback,’ begins with Frenchie and Kimiko following down Termite during the after-party after his film debut.

    Termite and his boyfriend sneak out of the room and into another one where they use cocaine. Later, his partner says, “I want you inside me,” which causes him to retreat inside his penis and stroll around while rubbing the sides.

    At some point, Termite will need to sneeze, most likely due to having recently snorted some cocaine. To no avail: when Termite reverts back to its original shape while still within his companion, he tears through his pelvis and leaves his body lying on the bed, entrail-drooping, and half-dead.

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