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    Who Will Rhaena Marry In ‘House Of The Dragon’ Now That Lucerys Is Dead?

    House Of Dragon season 2 just premiered with a banger first episode. The episode itself was filled with so many events that left the audience questioning what would happen next. One main event is Lucerys death.

    Lucerys was killed by Aemond as an act to show his strength and power. As now Lucerys is dead, Who’s Rhaena Targaryen going to marry, and how her fate is going to be molded, is the question we all are left with. Here’s what happens according to Martin’s book ‘Fire And Blood’.

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    Rhaena Targaryen Marries Ser Corwyn Corbray In George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood Book

    The following paragraph contains spoilers.

    Lucerys funeral was the most heart-wrenching scene in episode 1 of season 2 of ‘House Of Dragon’. Daemon’s daughter to Laena Velaryon, Rhaena was all set to marry Lucerys and tie both the houses as a new beginning in the series. But the makers of the series and Aemond had some other plans and they killed him.

    Now the question is who shall Rhaena marry? She would be forced to marry someone more powerful, only for political benefit. According to the book Fire And Blood’ on which ‘House Of Dragon’ is based, Rhaena marries a man called Corwyn Corbray after the Dance of Dragons.

    During the Targaryen Civil War, Rhanea lives in Eyrie, where she meets Corwyn and falls in love with him. Both of them marry later in the book and Rhaena has her genuine reasons for marrying him.

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    Rhaena’s Second Husband Is Garmund Hightower

    Rhaena’s marriage life doesn’t go well even after marrying Corwyn. First, her potential husband Lucerys died in the first episode and later, Corwyn also dies in the book. Rhaena did not live out her sole marriage. Corwyn became a part of the council of regents and was called to settle the dispute of succession of House Arryn.

    During the whole settlement, Corwyn was murdered and Rhaena lost her second husband as well. After all these events, Rhaena was given less attention in the ‘Fire And Blood‘ book.

    But eventually, she finds another husband. It is mentioned that she marries Garmund Hightower, who has a relationship with Otto Hightower. It’s a sad fact that women in ‘Game Of Throne’ are defined by whom they marry. But they are also shown as strong, capable, and independent as well.

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