10 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Saitama Aka One Punch Man


10) Netero   Netero, has achieved his strength through training and willpower. However, unlike Saitama, he has a supernatural ability. Netero's 100 Guanyin Bodhisattva will most definitely defeat the One Punch Man and he always has his hand zero as the last resort.

9) Alucard Alucard from Hellsing is another character who can easily defeat Saitama. The vampire prince is both cunning and powerful, and the mix of both of these qualities makes him a formidable opponent for Saitama. 

8) Ryuk Why should one bother fighting when one can simply write down a person's name to kill them? This is exactly what Ryuk can do to One Punch Man. He can easily defeat Saitama without even lifting a finger by writing his name on his death note. 

7) Zeno Zeno is the strongest character in the entire Dragon Ball universe. Zeno is extremely powerful and has already destroyed four universes with ease. So defeating Saitama wouldn't even require him to lift a finger.

6) Mob  Shigeo Kageyama or Mob has psychic powers and is powerful beyond measure. He can destroy people with his mind alone and has defeated the strongest of opponents without much effort. Therefore it is easy for him to defeat one punch man. 

5) Saiki Kusuo Saiki Kusuo is another character who has psychic abilities. However, unlike Mob, Saiki has a variety of powers, such as pyrokinesis, mind reading, and much more. Whilst he doesn't use his powers to fight, he can easily defeat Saitama if push comes to shove. 

4) Goku This hypothetical fight has caused a lot of debate amongst anime fans. But according to the recent developments in both anime, Goku can defeat Saitama. MUI Goku was able to overpower Jiren, and this would be able to defeat One Punch Man without much difficulty. 

3) Anos Voldigoad Anos Voldigoad is the demon king. This demon king once moved a castle on his fingers just for fun, and he moved the moon with his hands to create an eclipse. For someone who can do these tasks as if they were menial, defeating Saitama is not much work.

2) Lain The hypothetical fight against Saitama has human anime characters, demons, or some other race, but let's compare him to a computer program. Lain can easily manipulate Saitama's thoughts, and is omnipresent and omnipotent. She can defeat Saitama with ease. 

1)  Ywach Yhwach is the Quincy king and is more powerful than anyone can imagine. Ywach had the power to not only see, but also manipulate the future to his liking. This power allows him to get rid of any unwanted happenings. As a result, he can easily defeat Saitama and the latter wouldn't even be able to punch him. 

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