10 Best Slice Of Life Anime Of All Time


10) Komi Can't Communicate The story follows a girl Koni who has suffered from social anxiety all her life. She wishes to change that when she enters high school and plans to make a hundred friends. 

9) Azumanga Daioh: The Animation The story follows a group of high school girls. But what sets it apart from other anime, is that the girls are real. They all have flaws and insecurities and seem human.

8) Nichijou: My Ordinary Life The story follows a trip of girls and their supposed lifelong friends. The anime has some very loud and over-the-top scenes, but that's what makes it hilarious.

7) Miira No Kaikata In a package that was sent to him, Kashiwagi receives a tiny mummy. The anime follows the story of Kashiwagi and his friends as they each get their version of tiny friends 

6) Gakuen Babysitters Two brothers get invited to stay and study at a prestigious university by a woman. The catch is, Kashima has to work for the babysitter club of the school. 

5) Wotakoi It follows the story of Naomi and Hirotaka who are both Otakus and because of this, have a hard time dating. As a result, they start dating each other and the anime follows their story. 

4) Kimi Ni Todoke It follows the journey of Sawako Kuronuma who has never had any friends in all her life. The story follows her navigating through life and her making new friends. 

3) Ranma ½ It follows the story of Ranma, a boy who turns into a girl when cold water is thrown on him and reverts to warm water. This is due to a curse he got when training with his father. 

2) Horimiya 'Horimiya' is a very sweet and amazing romance and slice-of-life anime. Horimiya follows Miyamura and Hori as their friendship blooms into something more.

1) K-On 'K-On' follows the story of the members of the Light Music Club's members. The anime not only has amazing funny moments, but it also features wonderful songs.

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