5 Celebrities Who Love To Post Naked Photos On Instagram

Never one to be shy, Miley Cyrus shares her daring personality over Instagram and she also shares a lot of racy pictures that other people often try to keep private. Her Instagram account currently has over 20 million followers and her pictures get hundreds of thousands of likes.

He’s an actor, but there’s no doubt Joe Manganiello could double as a bodybuilder. His buff figure was perfect for his role as a werewolf on ‘True Blood’, and as a male stripper in ‘Magic Mike’. Manganiello is engaged to actress Sofia Vergara from Modern Family and together they make up one of the hottest couples in the world. He has over 2 million followers.

Nicki Minaj is the daring rap queen! She shares steamy photos on a daily basis and often makes her followers shocked. She currently has more than 250 million follower on Instagram.

In line with Instagram’s perfectly normal rule that “female nipples” constitute nudity while the rest of one’s naked body does not, Kendall Jenner was careful to censor away this picture’s lewder elements. Kendall has over 260 million followers on Instagram.

Ricky Martin has over 17 million followers on Instagram. He teased fans with a naked shot that shows nearly everything except for a strategically placed towel.

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