10 DIY Super-Easy Halloween Costumes.

You can just use a basic white sheet and pose as a ghost. Sounds absolutely simple? Ofcourse! Perfect choice for last minute halloween oufits

Money Heist Fan? Grab a bright red raincoat or a jacket and you can pose as a bank robber from Money Heist. Super Easy and also- comfortable ;)

Get some inspiration from fashion icon Hailey Bieber! Paint your face green, get those black gloves and a nice black dress and you can be the witch from Wizard Of Oz!

A red dress, a pair of red horns and the perfect red lipstick. That's the recipe to a perfect Devil costume. Add a red pitchfork as a prop too.

The Queen of hearts is a surprisingly easy costume. Grab a red dress, a makeshift cards neckpiece, and ofcourse that crown. Top it with  heart shaped lipstick.

A black onesie, a pair of black bunny ears, and black gloves. There! you have a playbunny costume. Super Easy to make, and might we add- all these items probably exist in your closet already

Grab three of those blue, red and green dresss and you and your besties can dress up as the Powerpuff Girls!

A green sparkly tube dress, with zigzag cuts at the bottom, and green and white wings is all you need to pose as Tinkerbell this Halloween!

Black tube dress? Check. Seashell jewelry? Check. Violet paint and a white wig? Check. That's all you need to become the sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid

A frilly vintage white children's dress, with red bows and red lined frills; braids; and oh! that sinister smile. That's the recipe to Annabelle- the doll from the Conjuring series.

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