10 Movies Like Cocaine Bear Based On Deadly Predators Wreaking Havoc


Into the Grizzly Maze is about a grizzly who wreaks havoc in a town and the sheriff goes to the forest to find his ecologist wife but finds his ex-con brother. However, they are forced to run from the huge killer bear.

Snakes on a Plane is about a plane where dangerous snakes are released in order to kill a witness who is planning to testify against a crime lord.

Lake Placid focuses on a New York-based paleontologist who goes to Maine where local fish and game officials have found a gigantic 30-feet crocodile who is living in one of the local lakes.

Black Sheep features a routine story about experimentation where an experiment in a genetic engineering changes harmless sheep into killers and they wreak havoc on a New Zealand farm.

Beast, featuring Idris Elba in the lead, is about a man who goes to South Africa for a trip to a game reserve but things take a worse turn when he and his daughters are forced to fight a massive and rogue lion.

Crawl focuses on Haley who gets trapped in a flood but ignores evacuation as she tries to search for her missing father and they are eventually hunted down by the animals.

Backcountry is a scary and terrifying thriller which is inspired from a true story where a young couple’s romantic camping trip becomes a tale of survival while they face a man-eating bear.

Burning Bright focuses on Kelly whose mother has died and while she is dealing with the same, a hurricane comes in the way. A tiger enters the house and she is forced to save the rest of her family members from the predator.

Sharknado is set in the background of Los Angeles where a freak hurricane strikes the city and the deadliest killer ruling in sea, land and air along with thousands of sharks terrorize the residents.

Tremors is set in the desert town of Perfection, Nevada and a group’s plans are affected from the arrival of some creepy and tentacles creatures attacking all those who pass by their path.

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