10 Movies To Watch If You Like 'Before Sunrise'


Medicine For Melancholy (2008)  The movie follows two characters who decide to keep hanging out after their one-night stand.

Sh**house (2020)  Cooper Raif's directorial debut is an adorable look at strangers falling in love.

Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong (2015)  Emily Ting's version of 'Before Sunrise' asks what if you met the right person at the wrong time? 

Before We Go (2014) Chris Evans and Alice Eve end up sharing a world between them in their limited time together. 

Once (2007)  Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová as two struggling musicians. If it's not the couple you are rooting for, there's definitely the soundtrack.

Museum Hours (2012)  Two strangers find a connection and have a good time discussing the source of pain and pleasure in their lives.

Compartment No.6 (2021)  A hazy, slightly intoxicating story of love (begins on a train) that blooms despite thorny beginnings in the most intimate of spaces.

Spring (2014)  The boy and the girl they fall in love gets  but it's not simple. It's for a good reason, and they learn how to counter the problem of instantly falling in love. 

Brief Encounter (1945)  An incredible unfolding of romantic reveries trampled by a heart's existing relationships and moral burdens.

Quiet City (2007)  Two individuals develop an emotionally supportive relationship as they meander through the street of New York.

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