10 Unique Halloween Costumes

Why not dress like fashion icon Anna Wintour this Halloween? Stay on the sides of the parties with large black shades and have a chance to judge everyone's outfit.

Here's another unique look to dress up on Halloween. For a difference show up as the Morton Salt Girl! In a simple yellow frock, black umbrella, and a tin of salt, the looks complete.

Here's yet another look. Hot and spicy! Why not celebrate Halloween as the crunchy Cheetos?

Dressing up as Froot Loops or any other cereal seems to be a pretty unique idea. The replica of a cereal bowl or a packet can be easily bought at a costume store.

These  costumes are sure to stop the traffic. This is a simple costume that can turn heads in your direction. So enjoy your day of attention.

It is easier to dress up as movie characters. And the 10-year-old from Up and the old man who accompanies him is perfect for two people to dress up as.

Spill some mayonnaise and ketch through all the places you go. Dress up as condiments this Halloween, and be the perfect sauce and mayo for your sandwich.

How scary would it be to see Chucky and his bride walk on the road? Exactly, the Halloween costume is spooky yet unique. And will never fail to give nightmares to people around you.

There's a unique way to dress up as a nun- that's the white nun. This is a costume inspired by American Horror Story.

With this look, you will destroy every child's memory of the sweet and cute Winnie the Pooh. Try giving him a scary twist and you are done with a unique costume for Halloween.

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