10 Unique Pumpkin Carvings For Halloween

Whatever be the celebration, Harry Potter is a must theme.  From dressing up as witches and wizards to having butter beers , even pumpkin carvings can have Harry Potter themes. 

Simple but effective. The pumpkin with a  mask is all that is needed to give a message to the society for Halloween. 

Why forget the sea animals when merely anything can be carved on a pumpkin? Starfishes, jellyfishes, fish bones, and so on are all apt to be carved on a pumpkin. 

It would also be beautiful to have the favorite cartoon characters carved on your pumpkin. 

It is Halloween! Don't forget the monsters and villains. Let them also have a place in between your  pumpkin carvings. 

Cute and sweet. here's something unique and less scary for this Halloween. Owls when in art are so pretty and on pumpkins they are perfect!  

Avengers Assemble! What is an Halloween without your favorite Marvel superheroes for the fans? So get ready to carve out your superheroes on pumpkin.  

Paint it Black! Why not paint the pumpkins black and have then carved out into beautiful shapes? It is a unique way to beautify your pumpkins. 

Emojis on pumpkins are a unique way to celebrate Halloween for the ones who love to text over any other form of communication. 

Holes in the pumpkin! A simple, creative and unique way to carve out a pumpkin. Everyone can try this out unless you have trypophobia. 

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