10 Weakest Jutsu In 'Naruto'


10) Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu This particular jutsu is one of the jutsu passed along by the Uchiha clan. Whilst it may seem amazing and powerful, it is not very impactful during a battle if used by a regular Shinobi. 

9) Hidden Lotus Lee used it against Gaara during the chunin exams and while he was able to move faster than Gaara was able to defend using his sand, it certainly did not cause much damage. 

8) Roof Tile Shuriken Jutsu It was used by the third Hokage during his fight with Orochimaru. In this, he picked up pieces of tiles from the roof and was able to manipulate them with his chakra. He turned the tiles into a sort of projectile for long-distance attacking, but it was pretty much useless.

7) Rising Twin Dragons It was used by Ten Ten and in this, she had two scrolls full of weapons once she unsealed them, she could use those weapons. However, in a world where jutsu is the principal fighting power, weapons are not very effective in most situations. 

6) Shadow Shuriken This technique was used by team seven to save Kakashi from Zabuza and Haku. Whilst it may have worked in their favor at the time, it is one of the weakest jutsu. In this, a person throws one shuriken and hides another in its shadow and their opponent is unaware of this. 

5) Water Shuriken It was first used in the Shippuden series and it is so unremarkable, most people are unaware of the technique. In this, a person manipulates water into the form of a shuriken and throws it at their opponent. 

4) Dynamic Entry It is another technique falling into the category of Taijutsu. In this, a person dropkicks their opponent and aims at their face. Whilst it did hit Jiraiya once, every other time, it was easily dodged by the opponents. 

3) Substitution Jutsu In this jutsu, the person can substitute themselves with an object to avoid getting hit. But as it stands currently, it is one of the weakest jutsu. According to fans, if it was used properly, it could have potentially saved Minato's life.

2) Clone Jutsu Unlike other clone jutsu, this one creates clones of the person that are not tangible. This means that the clones cannot do any damage and are just used to confuse their opponents.

1)  Rope Escape Jutsu This jutsu is taught to the students studying in the academy to teach them how to get out of any ropes. However, this is a very weak and impractical jutsu because if the person is trapped by something other than ropes, such as the Uzumaki chains, they cannot escape.

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