15 Best Soccer Anime & Manga Of All Time


10) Sayonara Football The anime follows girls' soccer and that not only makes it unique but real as well. This anime showcases all the challenges  girls have to face in soccer. 

9) Hungry Heart: Wild Striker As Kano advances in soccer, he starts losing his love for the sport. He joins the Jyoyo Orange High School soccer team where his love for the sport is reignited. 

8) Captain Tsubasa It follows the story of Tsubasa who wishes to win the FIFA World Cup . It follows his journey from being a normal boy to participating in the biggest soccer competitions. 

7) Whistle!  Daisuke cannot play the sport at a high level and wishes to improve. He then joins Sakura Jousui High School and starts working on his skills. 

6) Days Tsukushi is considered to be talentless, Jin on the other hand is deemed a prodigy. The boys encounter each other and it's an instant dislike for both.

5) Ao Ashi Ashito was the star of his junior high team. However, he was kicked off the team one day due to losing his temper. Ashito then moves to Tokyo to further hone his skills.

4) Inazuma Eleven Raimon school soccer club has been struggling and the responsibility to improve it falls on the  captain. The anime follows the club's journey in how it recovers itself. 

3) Ganbare! Kickers Daichi Kakeru starts playing for the unpopular team. That however changes soon as the team starts to win matches and trophies and gets more popular. 

2) The Knight In The Area The story follows the story of Kakeru and Suguru. Suguru becomes a star player whilst Kakeru has to settle for coaching as he fails to succeed as a player.

1) Blue Lock The new coach of the Japanese national team decides that the team requires a new striker who is capable of scoring goals. To find the perfect striker, he creates a facility that has 300 strikers. 

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