2 Bodyguards Accompany Elon Musk To The Restroom, Claims Twitter Engineer


Elon Musk was recently spotted being accompanied by two bodyguards around Twitter’s headquarters while he was on the way to the restroom.

The news was revealed by a Twitter engineer while speaking to the BBC on condition of anonymity to protect their employment, he mentioned that the bodyguards were bulky and tall like they are from Hollywood.

The engineer said that he thought that Musk’s use of bodyguards inside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco suggested a lack of trust in the company’s employees.

Musk’s father Errol mentioned in January that he was scared for his son’s safety even though he was protected by around 100 security guards.

Musk also upgraded Errol’s security system for his South Africa home with 24 hour armed guards, cameras and electric fencing.

While Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October, he laid off thousands of the company’s employees as part of a broad cost-cutting drive.

He shared a tweet in May that owning Twitter won’t increase his life expectancy and this was a response to a user who said that Musk should add more security guards to his team.

Elon Musk’s security details came into spotlight in December after he said that a crazy stalker jumped on a car carrying his son in Los Angeles. The cops said that the suspect in the case was possibly a member of Elon Musk’s security team.

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