5 Anime Characters That Can Defeat Beerus, The God Of Destruction 


Beerus is the god of destruction of universe 7 in 'Dragon Ball'. He is a creature that looks like a cat and possesses some of their qualities. However, he is one of the best fighters in the series.

The true extent of his powers has yet to be shown, and he is still terrifying. This raises a very interesting question in the fans' minds about who could defeat him. 

There are only a handful of characters that can do that. Read to find out the top 5 characters that can defeat Beerus.

5) Mob He is a psychic who has the ability to use telekinesis. The only catch is, Mob would have to be quick to restrain Beerus before he uses his Hakai on him.

4) Yhwach Yhwach's ability, Almighty, not only allows him to peer into the future but also gives him the power to change any undesirable outcome. Yhwach can easily defeat any opponent simply by changing the outcome.

3) Saiki Saiki Kusuo can use all types of psychic abilities and can restrain and paralyze Beerus. In addition to that, Saiki can read Beerus' thoughts and can dodge his attacks by doing so.

2) Whis Whis is the angel of universe 7 and is a sort of advisor to Beerus. It has been established multiple times that the angels are stronger than the gods of destruction and thus Whis would easily be able to defeat Beerus.

1) Zeno Zeno has erased many universes and only he has the ability to erase something without it leaving a trace. He can easily erase Beerus if he wishes to and the god of destruction cannot even fight him.

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