5 Best Oscars Host Of All Time 

1. Billy Crystal The 'Soap' actor has hosted the Academy Awards nine time. The comedian certainly has his way to showmanship as he rode a horse on stage in the 1991 Oscars to promote his movie, City Slickers.

2. Bob Hope For a "brief" spell the comedian became the unofficial host of the Oscars as he hosted and co-hosted them ninteen times. His hosting skills were crowned by sublte yet finalizing one liners. In 1996, Jack Lemmon presented him with a medallion for hosting the Awards since long.

3. Whoopi Goldberg The actress was not only the first African-American but also the first woman to host the Awards. Since she has been the host four more times. In 1999, she came in an elaborate costume of Queen Elizabeth I, humoring the numerous period drama releases.

4. Steve Martin The comedian-musician has hosted the Academy Awards three times. As a host we saw him at ease and cool while entertaining the audience with great satarical comments.

5. Ellen DeGeneres The TV show host has compered the Academy Awards twice. 2014 her hosting skills was amusing and the famous selfie with all stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and more became the most retweeted picture.

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