7 Best Films On HBO Max


'400 Blows' is a semi-autobiographical debut film of François Truffaut taking us through the trauma of Dionel played by Jean-Pierre Léaud.

'The French Dispatch' directed by Wes Anderson is based on the collections of articles by a fictional American publication 'The French Dispatch' which a scintillating ensemble.

An aching tale of an Ulster Protestant family by Kenneth Branagh, 'Belfast' is the narrative from the perspective of the 9-year-old in the family of the difficult times in the Northern Island

'Drive My Car' is adapted from Haeruki Murakami novel is a story of a chauffeur and an ailing actor. The two forms a bond in this tale of loss and grief. It created waves during the 2022 Awards season.

Barbarian, on the surface, is a horror comedy, but the Zach Cregger feature deals with violence, abuse, gender politics, and other subjects bending the usual horror trope of a haunted house and re-invent the genre

Amsterdam is set in 1930s, inspired from the 'Business Plot' narrative wherein three people are suspected of a murder and when they set out to solve the mystery, it turns out to be a complex political coup

Elvis is the autobiographical story of the rock star Elvis Presley starring Austin Butler. It is an intimate tale of the career along with his relationship with his manager played by Tom Hanks

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