8 Creepiest Horror Movie Characters That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine


The Predator from Prey is one such character that is the scariest in this list. They are scariest when they don’t appear on screen but remind everyone that anyone or anything could be stalking them.

The Armitage family in Get Out is terrifying and psychotic. They have a passive and manipulative creepiness that can scare anyone and send shivers through the entire body.

Jean Jacket from Nope is an alien who can be understood easily but might gobble up anyone before he or she has the time to figure out everything.

Larry Talbot from The Wolf Man is just like the classic movie werewolves who are scarier than the ones teaching at wizard school or fighting a vampire for a teenage girl’s affection.

Fresh becomes scarier, wilder, and twisted as it progresses. Sebastian Stan as Steve is charming but his villainous form would haunt anyone for weeks.

Mia Goth played the role of Pearl in the 2022 slasher film of the same name. She is the best lady killer and will reprise her role in the confirmed sequel.

Audrey II is the main antagonist in Little Shop of Horrors. The plant needs human blood to survive and it originated in outer space.

Patrick Bateman in American Psycho committed brutal murders with a Rembrandt smile. What he is planning or what he is not is a quality that makes him scarier.

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