Adele Has Become A Constant Meme Following The Super Bowl


Adele stated that it is hard to be a meme after a video from the Super Bowl featuring her went viral. This happened when she was in the stands of the event.

While the video was trending, it did not include anything on what she said and a few people speculated that she was possibly speaking about Rihanna.

During the Las Vegas concert, she said that she was speaking about the halftime show performer and revealed what her exact words were.

Adele mentioned that everyone was texting her a meme featuring her and she was trying to calm down herself as she laughed off the entire thing.

Adele said that her face is movable and expressive and that is the reason why it became a theme for different memes.

The singer said that it is hard to be a meme because she possibly does not have a Botox and her face moves a lot.

Adele’s latest album, titled 30, was released in November 2021 and it featured 12 singles. The album reached the first spot on the US Billboard 200.

Adele is well-known for her albums like 19, 21 and 25 alongside singles like Hometown Glory, Chasing Pavements, Cold Shoulder, Make You Feel My Love and more.

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