Alec Baldwin May Avoid Prison For Halyna Hutchins' Murder On 'Rust' Filming


Halyna Hutchins’ murder case which involved actor Alec Baldwin has gone through several developments in the last few years.

Now there has been a new twist according to which Baldwin has been sentenced to prison but might not have to go to jail because of an after-the-fact rule.

TMZ reported that the Santa Fe County District Attorney has given the verdict in charges that have been imposed against Alec Baldwin.

The magistrate dropped the gun charge after Baldwin’s defense filed a motion and claimed that the prosecutors have used a law against the actor that is not applicable.

Baldwin has been already accused of involuntary manslaughter in Halyna Hutchins’ murder. He was initially charged with the use of a gun.

Now according to the law of New Mexico, a gun charge can be applied if the weapon is brandished or has been displayed intending to intimidate or injure a person.

The gun charges were dropped because if that would not have happened, then Baldwin might had to spend five years in prison.

If Baldwin faces another trial for manslaughter, he might be sent to prison for 18 months and the sentence could be reduced if a probation is ordered.

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