Amanda Seyfried Has A Wardrobe Malfunction


Seyfried is known for her amazing performances and great fashion sense. 

The gold archival dress was styled by Elizabeth Stewart and designed by a French fashion house.

The metallic design of the gown looked stunning in pictures, but the reality was quite different.

During a red-carpet interview with Access Hollywood, ‘The Dropout‘ star said that the dress was “ripping and actually breaking.”

I’m just going to take off my dress,” she said jokingly. She further said, “Honestly it’s old, it’s beautiful!

During the red carpet pre-show, Seyfried said the dress made her look like a “statue.” “It’s a statue dress so if I don’t get one, at least I look like one,” she said.

For her performance as the disgraced businessperson Elizabeth Holmes in ‘The Dropout‘, Seyfried won the award for best actress in a limited series or movie made for television.

She has faced her fair share of wardrobe disasters in the past as well.

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