Ana De Armas Buys A $7 Million House In Vermont


Ana De Armas Is basking in the praises and accolades for her stunning portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's 'Blonde'

However, her personal life has been turbulent for a quite sometime with a respite now.

Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck were dating each other in 2020 and the affair seemed serious

It was so serious that Ana was ready to move in with him in his "sanctuary" in Los Angeles which is a haven for his kids as well

However, Ana and Ben called it quits in 2021 due to differences in priorities.

Ana De Armas started dating the executive at Tinder, Paul Boukadakis and moved to New York with him.

However, the actress has finally found home in the quaint rural Vermont for $7 million. The six bedroom house boasts mountain views, open meadows, forests, trails, and a swimming pool.

In an interview, Ana said that she left Los Angeles was due to the negative media around her break up with Ben Affleck. She felt anxious in the city

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