Andrew Tate’s Manager Confirms Controversial Influencer Has Lung Cancer


Andrew Tate’s manager has recently confirmed that he has lung cancer and the news has grabbed the attention of the internet, specifically on social media.

A CT report allegedly showed that Tate has been suffering from lung cancer. Although the report went viral in the last 24 hours, his team has not confirmed anything so far.

However, Tate’s manager confirmed the news in an Instagram Story, saying that the fact is true. He said that a lot of people have been asking him about the lung cancer and that he has been driving Tate to hospitals.

The Instagram Story also included the CT report which was leaked by investigative journalist Sulaiman Ahmed on Twitter. Ahmed disclosed a few more details about the report.

Ahmad’s tweet mentioned that he was suffering from cancer and that he might need to undergo a biopsy in around 6 months and that he has also lost around 10 kgs.

In case if the news is confirmed to be true by Tate himself, it must be noted that he is not getting any treatment right now and is in jail.

Andrew Tate was arrested back in December 2022 with his brother Tristan and two women on charges of being associated with human trafficking and establishing a criminal organization.

Andrew began kickboxing in 2005 and although he participated in Big Brother, he was removed from the show after a few comments led to controversy.

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