Angelina Jolie: Top 5 Films

The 1999 movie earned Jolie an Academy Award. Based on the memoir of a girl in a mental institution, Jolie played the character to perfection.

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Girl, Interrupted

For Clint Eastwood’s ‘Changeling’, Jolie earned an Oscar nomination. She played the role of real woman, Christine Collins, whose 9-year-old son went missing in 1928.

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In the biographical film based on the rise to stardom and tragic death of model Gia Carangi, Jolie was exceptional.

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In ‘A Mighty Heart’, Jolie gives an emotional performance as Mariane Pearl, whose journalist husband goes missing in Pakistan.

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A Mighty Heart

Jolie proved her mettle in the action realm with her character of Evelyn Salt, handling every weapon like a pro, in the film.

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