Armie Hammer Says He Was Sexually Abused At 13 And Had Suicidal Thoughts


Armie Hammer recently appeared in an interview following the charges of abuse and s*xual misconduct against him. He revealed a few details about his life.

While speaking to Air Mail, Hammer stated that he was also s*xually abused as a child and described a recent incident where he attempted to commit suicide.

Armie Hammer denied the accusations that were put on him and admitted to being emotionally abusive and treating people in a bad manner.

Hammer shared some messages from one of the accusers and confirmed that he is now sober after he entered the rehab in 2021.

Hammer mentioned that he was a victim of s*xual abuse at the age of 13 which made him lose his interest in BDSM alongside s*xual power dynamics.

He said that he was introduced to s*xuality in such a way that it was entirely out of control and he aimed to have a control in it.

Armie Hammer revealed that he once tried to kill himself following the accusations, saying that he walked towards the ocean and swam out as far as he could aiming to meet with some accident.

Armie also mentioned that he eventually dropped the suicide plan realizing that his children were in the shore and he could not do the same to his kids.

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